Cabinet Jewels

Blogs are amazing... You know why? Because before I started blogging, I had no idea how to change the knobs on my cabinets. Quite frankly, I never had an issue with the knobs that came with my house. Now I find myself surfing blogs and having thoughts that range from changing knobs to wanting to trash all of my decor and start all over again. Can you relate?

Anyway, I can't afford to trash all of my decor, so I'm changing the knobs on the cabinets in my master bathroom. I bought these vintage-looking knobs at World Market. Don't you love a store where you can buy knobs and a great bottle of wine, too?

Thanks to blogs, I sometimes find myself browsing Home Depot like it's a Banana Republic. I found these knobs while browsing in Home Depot. They will adorn my kitchen cabinets and drawers...

This is going to be my little weekend project. I can't wait! One never could have told me years ago that I would be excited about changing the knobs on my cabinets. I heart blogging.


Images by me
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  1. My Grandmother has all of the original hardware in her house and they look just like this. Its one of my favorite things about her house. She kept the right details in place.

  2. Love your choices, and you will be amazed a the difference they make! Funny, my mil still has all her glass knobs too (I told her I was going to steal them if she ever decides to sell her home).

  3. The glass knobs are gorgeous. You made some great choices. It's amazing how seemingly small things make a big difference. Have fun this weekend!

  4. Can't wait to see them all done! So pretty!
    Take care,

  5. It is true, blogging makes you love the little things. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  6. Can't wait to see it! Check your email... I have a question for you.

  7. Yay! Cannot wait to see the reveal!

  8. ohhhhh! I like those!!!! And I can totally relate about wanting to toss everything you own in the dumpster and start over! There are so many amazing blogs out there chock full of great ideas!!
    Cant wait to see the cabs when they're done!

  9. gosh. i love those knobs.
    i have a little cabinet that was my grandmother's that i want to refinish & need to put new knobs on.
    those ones would look so lovely on it.
    good luck with your project!


  10. Great knobs! I love the look of crystal!

  11. Love those knobs, they are going to give a whole new feeling :)

  12. Such wonderful knobs. Nothing prettier than a glass knob. Happy Friday!

  13. You and me both! Gorgeous room so I'm now pinning it. Happy Weekend!Hotel bath towels

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