Weekend in Eight

Hi guys! I hope you had a great weekend. Last Monday, I did a post called "Weekend in Ten." I really enjoyed putting that post together, so I might make it a weekly thing. Today I am going to go tell ya eight things. Why eight? I dunno. Just want to keep things fresh I guess. Here goes...

1. Remember these riding boots that I purchased? Well, I had to return those babies. My normal size was too big and the next size down was too small. Oh well. Any recommendations for other riding boots are welcome. I'm looking for brown ones...

2. Yesterday, I photographed my entry for Giada's photo contest. This is one of the photos I took. I have so much fun styling food! I will do a full post on the recipe and the details of the contest tomorrow.

3. Max and I took our holiday card photos this weekend. This was our setup. A few scratches and a torn pair of H&M leggings later, I just had to let him go. He showed out, which is not like him! But my photographer still got some great photos. I've got my eye on a few cards by Minted...

4. I tried Pinkberry's new flavor, Peppermint, this weekend. Incredibly delicious. It tastes like Christmas.

5. I honestly don't watch that much football, but my eyes were glued to the TV Saturday night! I graduated from the University of Alabama, so Roll Tide for life!

6. I will be one year older this week. For my birthday, I would like for the concept of calories to be nonexistent so that I could eat an entire cake like this one. Thanks.

7. I got my extra hour of sleep yesterday. I feel much better now.

8. I sort of missed my one year blogiversary. It was right after busy season ended and I totally forgot about it. That's ok. I've got a fab giveaway planned on Wednesday to celebrate this wonderful thing called blogging.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Congrats on your one year anniversary, happy birthday to you and I enjoyed this post!! Your picture of the white clams is making me HUNGRY beyond words, somehow my cup of yogurt is not going to cut it!!!! Beautiful shot. I just got some Freye riding you ever shop at Zappos? For how often I talk about them you would think I work for them but their customer service is off the charts, they devlier free overnight, if you don't like them they are picked up next day, end of story! Bottom line is I had to go through 4 pair of riding boots to find the right one but I did and it was worth it, they made it so easy!! Good luck.....

  2. Ha, I missed my blog anniversary back in the spring too! Congrats!! And, Happy Early Birthday!! So need to try that yogurt...peppermint is my fav flavor this time of year. Kate bought a super cheap pair of riding boots at Target this weekend. Pretty cute considering the price. Seriously, that dish belongs in a magazine!!!

  3. Congrats, dear!

    Can't wait to see you Christmas pictures, that set-up is beautiful!

  4. I like these round up posts! Happy birthday week! You just reminded me of xmas cards...must add to list!

  5. Oooh can't wait to see your Christmas photos! And that cake looks DIVINE!! Yummm!

  6. First off, Happy Birthday to you this week! Love your wish. Also, I just ordered my cards from Minted over the weekend. I used them last year as well and they always do such a nice job. Can't wait to see your photo! My dogs do not sit well for photos, but did manage to get one where they look half-way decent! I could eat a big bowl of your pasta right now, it looks divine. Good luck in Giada's contest!

  7. Yay....Congrats, on one fabulous year! You are amazing and the pic for the contest is AWESOME!

  8. I thought you said you were going to be "one year old" this week..I was very confused for a minute! Happy Birthday. Love your blog, excited about finding you!

  9. So many fun things to celebrate! Congrats on your one year blogging anniversary and Happy Early Birthday :) Your food styling is wonderful and that ice cream sounds and looks so tasty! xo

  10. Oh pinkberry, how much I miss it! That chocolate cake is just decadent!
    Congrats on the one year!!! Cheers for many more! :)

  11. Oh wait, I'm putting all the clues together.... ;)

  12. I ♥ your style and have been looking for boots like those EVERYWHERE! what are they and where can I get them?

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