Things I Love, Not Like

Lately, I have had the urge to buy everything in sight that I just "like," not love or need. Not good. Do you ever feel that way? 

Well, to curb my urges to splurge I have started taking trips around my house with my camera. I photograph little things that I already have- and love. It helps- well, most of the time... 

A stack of books and magazines that share the bed with me.

Reading and flipping through these at night calms me down after long days. They also give me inspiration for the things I share with you here...

Striped straws.

Accessorizing a cold glass of milk, sparkling water or my green drink with one of these seems to make the drink 10 times more appetizing. Love that...

A styled fruit board. 

I love fruit, too. And yes, I sometimes style my fruit board as if I were about to host a brunch for four people. I keep it on the kitchen table to snack on during the day. Styling them makes the fruit more appealing and keeps me from craving things like french fries and massive doses of chocolate chips.

A green plant in my foyer.

It was given to me by my mom- one reason I love it. It brings so much freshness and life to the space- two more reasons I love it. It's actually growing into the middle of the foyer and needs to be repotted. I don't have a green thumb- at all. I don't even know what kind of plant that is (told ya I don't have a green thumb). I just water it once a week and it seems to be satisfied- another reason I love it.

What do you do to control your urge to splurge?

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  1. I remember the truckload of stuff 1-800-got-junk too away last year!! LOL I ask myself questions all the time when looking at new I NEED it, do I LOVE it, can I live WITHOUT it? And if in question, I put it back and can always come back for it later.

  2. Walking through the house and taking pics of things you own and love is a great way to curve the buying craving. :) I am always in a buying mood after Christmas--I guess momentum wants to carry me through January too. Haha. I tend to Pin, Pin, Pin. It gives me the sensation of "new" things.

  3. Love this ~ you were so right that our minds were on the same page this week. I've found my test this week of not purchasing or thinking about anything discretionary that I don't need to be really liberating... All the Deal of the Day emails just immediately deleted without assessing what I don't have in my life has been a blessing this week! It frees up your mind to think about what truly matters to you, which is way more fun anyway :)

  4. I'm having a hard time trying to control my urges right now...I want to go out and buy everything BLUE! ;)

  5. I love ending the day with a good read and a hot cup of tea (ok sometimes I play on my iPad!)
    And I loooove striped straws!

  6. This is such a wonderful idea! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  7. That is such a great idea to curb spending! I have that Domino book sitting on my coffee table as we speak :)

  8. Pinterest! It's my new virtual shopping mall :)


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