Fusilli With Spinach & Tomatoes

Well, I probably consumed 50,000 calories in a matter of 5 days over the holidays. No joke. So the minute I got back home, I made a trip to the grocery store and loaded up on tons of water and fresh vegetables. 

I had a taste for spinach, so I put out an APB for a recipe starring this green beauty...

I wanted something light, colorful and easy, so I decided on fusilli with spinach and tomatoes...

It was quite delightful...

I used this recipe, but before you click over, note the following:

Prep all of the ingredients while you are waiting for the water to boil for the pasta.
I used Barilla Plus pasta since I had it on hand, but whole wheat pasta would make this extra healthy.
9 oz of spinach seems like a lot, but it cooks down to nothing. I will add more the next time I make this.
I added fresh basil at the end. It adds this wonderful burst of freshness.
Use freshly grated cheese.
This tastes fabulous warm or at room temperature.
Grilled or rotisserie chicken (minus the skin) = a perfect, quick weeknight meal.


Images by me
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  1. Tiffany, this is what you do best, make me want to eat! LOL...this is actually beautiful! I love the looks of the dish and it is a healthier version of pasta than most, my hubby would love gave me a great idea for dinner this week!! Thanks....

  2. this looks awesome! im always on the hunt for good vegetarian ideas. Thanks for sharing

  3. Oh yum!! Looks so yummy and healthy!! Might need to make this for dinner tonight! :)

  4. This is exactly what I need to be eating. I most definitely over indulged this year. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. This is so my kind of recipe, love how fresh it looks ;)

  6. The perfect dinner for me...can't wait to try!!

  7. Thanks for sharing the recipe! I have some spinach in the frig calling my name.

  8. What time is dinner? Looks amazing, Tiff.

  9. Agreed. Spinach is my favvvvv! Have you tried Real Simple's Spinach Pesto Pasta? It's a weekly staple around my house!!! Yummmm. Now I want some (even though its 7:45 am, ha!).

  10. yay! I have the ingredients to make this! Looks so delish! Thanks Tiffany!

  11. Thanks for the recipe Tiffany! It's going on the menu for next week.


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