Weekend In Six Pics

Hi there! How are ya? I hope you had a great weekend. My weekend flew by so fast that I nearly missed it. Work, errands, Pilates, preparing my taxes - well I need another day. I think I always say that...

So anyway, I need to fill you in a few new purchases. I have been buying up some fabulous items lately that are sold by some very talented bloggers. I bought that necklace from Gaby's Etsy shop, The Vault Jewels. I also purchased that print from Sarah's Etsy shop, Gallery Wall, for my office (which I'm still decorating). I love the simplicity of both items. Oh and the gold tray is from Mackenzie's lovely new online boutique, Design Darling. Be sure to check out their sites!

You know my weekend wouldn't be complete without good food. I made an Asian chicken salad yesterday for the first time and it was incredibly delicious. I would be crazy if I didn't share the recipe with you, so be sure to stop by tomorrow. I took a Pinkberry break on Saturday. It should be a law for every city to have a Pinkberry. It makes me smile. It tastes magical. Really.

Max really had nothing to do with my weekend except that he woke me up a 5AM instead of the usual 6AM on Sunday morning. The time change must have had him all off, too.

Some blogs I'm loving: Recently, Lark & Linen and Cookie & Kate.

Oh and some exciting news! Well, exciting for me anyways... 

My blog has a new domain!! It is now WWW.SAVORHOMEBLOG.COM. I feel a little more official now. :)

What is the latest and greatest with you??

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  1. Love your new purchases...Pinkberry and yes to Asian Chicken reminded me that I should make it one day this week, I love it! And then it feels pretty guilt free which is a big big bonus! Glad you had a great weekend.

  2. Great pictures! Yes, do share the recipe for that salad...Asian Chicken Salad is one of Kate's favorites!! And, we have yogurtland near us now...HEAVEN!!

  3. I was going to ask you about the tray, love it! And love Sara's work! You got some pretty things! ;)
    That yogurt is definitely making me think about having one this afternoon!

  4. The salad looks so delicious! Can't wait to see the recipe!! My puppies were up a little earlier yesterday too!! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. Yay for a new domain!!! And I am totally craving Pinkberry! YUM!

  6. Good food always makes for a great weekend! Love your new tray and art for your office. So pretty!

  7. Great weekend! I am loving that dainty little necklace and I am definitely stopping by tomorrow to get that Asian chicken salad recipe. Such a beautiful kitty and thanks for the new blog recommendations. I will check them out!

  8. Looks like such a fun your kitty, he looks exactly like mine!

  9. So, I was just reading away, enjoying your post, when I see Recently pop up and I am tickled pink! Thank you sweet girl! Can't wait for the salad recipe!

  10. I am loving that necklace! xo

  11. Congrats on your new domain! And your sweet cat is gorgeous.

  12. I love your necklace!!! So dainty and beautiful.


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