Happy Days...

This weekend I experienced some very happy days. Let me explain...

This weekend I celebrated by 33rd birthday (which was Saturday). My weeks and weekends have been busy lately, so I kept things simple and happy. I celebrated by...

 - going to see Chris Tucker perform stand-up. I laughed so hard until I cried several times. You know how much I love laughing really, really hard...

 - shopping for food styling props at antique stores. I am so, so, so in love with food photography and styling right now! 

 - eating an insanely good strawberry cupcake at this bakery. 

 - putting my pj's on at 5PM on Saturday evening and lounging in bed while talking on the phone with friends I haven't talked to in forever, reading a HUGE stack of magazines and the new issue of Lonny until bedtime. No big birthday dinner and no parties. I cancelled all the plans I had that evening for some blissful downtime. Loved it.

The only time I turned my camera on during the weekend was to photograph an AMAZING recipe that I will share with you tomorrow. That's why you are seeing photos that I took during my visit last weekend to the Charleston Farmers Market. Doesn't that fresh pasta in the first pic look amazing?? Gosh I loved that place...

I hope your weekend was just as good!

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  1. That pasta! That basil! That dog! You are on talented girl...and a happy happy birthday to you. Wishing you all the goodness life has to give:)

  2. Ehh Happy B-day to you! Glad you had a good one! The pasta and the peppers look amazing, love those two photos!

  3. Glad you had a happy birthday weekend!! Your photos are always amazing :)

  4. Happy birthday Tiffany!!! Those pasta rolls are sooo pretty. I did a bit of a catch up time this weekend too..... in my pjs.

  5. Tiff, I'm in complete awe. Your photography is stunning. Your birthday has been very special.

  6. Happy Birthday! I would have NEVER guessed you were 33!!! Are you kidding me? You don't look any older than Elie.

  7. well happy belated bday lady! Glad it was everything you wanted. That last pic of the peppers needs to be framed for the kitchen. Beautiful!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you enjoyed your weekend. I love the way you style your photos.

  9. Happy belated birthday- sounds like a great way to start a new year!!


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