Perfect Roasted Tomato Soup

It was New Years Day. It was raining, windy and cold. It was the kind of day when you just want to curl up in bed or on the sofa, be warm and disconnect from the outside world. So when I woke up that morning and looked outside, I decided to do that just. Sara Forte's lovely cookbook, "The Sprouted Kitchen" had a piece of real estate on my bed for the last few weeks. I grabbed it and flipped right to her roasted tomato soup. "Perfect," I thought. But I didn't have any tomatoes or parsley or crusty bakery bread. But I really wanted that soup. So I put jeans and a sweatshirt on over my pajamas, put my a hair in a scrunchie and said a quiet prayer that no one would see me at the grocery store. You've done that before right?? 

I came home, whipped up the soup, photographed it for you, then watched "The Words" starring Bradley Cooper. Hot, really good tomato soup, cheesy bread and a hawtttt guy on my TV screen. I must say it was a great first day of the year...

Images by me

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  1. Tiffany, this soup looks delish and I am pinning it directly. Found you through a comment you left on A House On the Hills, and what I REALLY wanna know is - how was your trapeze class? It sounds so weird when I type it out like that, but I have been debating taking one in my area, so when you mentioned in your comment that you had taken one, I thought I'd hop over and ask you. If you don't want to go into the whole thing in a comment, feel free to email me at merciblahblah at gmail dot com. Thanks a bunch!!


    1. Hi Shannan! Glad you like the soup! I've actually never taken a trapeze class before, so I'm not sure what you are referring to. Sorry!!

  2. I remember exactly when you shared this on instagram, I need to make it!

  3. I made some roasted tomato soup last month and it was superb! Unfortunately it disappeared so fast I didn't have time to photograph it. You did a great job capturing yours though!

  4. Pretty photos! This looks amazing!

  5. Seriously looks amazing! Great photos!

  6. This looks amazing! I got an immersion blender for Christmas and have been on the lookout for recipes ... this one definitely made the list!

  7. oh tiffany. you have made tomato soup sexy. seriously you have. and i must make this soon. bookmarking this and cannot wait to try.

    smiles to you.


  8. TIFFANY - these pictures are magical!!!

  9. oooooooh that looks so good! and I agree you've made it the sexiest tomato soup I've seen! Great photos.

  10. That is so what I'm craving!!! It's so rainy where I am and the thought to curl up with a yummy soup makes me smile. Your photos are stunning as usual :)

  11. What a fun day you must have had.... al the while you were talking about the soup and I thought your reference was to the "hot guy" in the movie.....tee he he You must be living right....beautiful tomatoes too. I love tomato soup!!! Bonus, I am on a soup kick...I'll be making it.
    Christmas brought Ina's latest title but you can find the recipe if you google for her Winter Minestrone soup which I liked a lot.
    Happy 2013 to you sweet lady.

  12. I finally made the soup, Tiffany! It's been on my "to-make" list since January. I was given some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes from a generous family member and they made the MOST delectable soup. I made a homemade pesto as a garnish. The soup was delicious while piping hot and also cold from the fridge this week (as temperatures lingered in the 90s). THANK YOU!! p.s. still working up to that kale salad. I've been ordering it in restaurants and we're friends now. Will report back. ;-) Kerri

  13. I've done this recipe so many times already since I saw it on Pinterest, I'm addicted to it..... healthy, simple, heart warming, I leave it in my fridge for a quick meal. Thanks

  14. Tomatoes is good for the heart because it has Lycopene, but I didn't realize that tomatoes is also one way a source of loosing weight. Thanks for the info and for a delicious recipe.


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