Weekend In Five Pics

This week's tulips | Mussels - Sunday dinner | Clear blue skies- an exciting thing after a few weeks of rain | The details of my new Zara blazer | Max's furry paws...

Hi there! I hope you had a good weekend - or are still enjoying the long weekend. My weekend wasn't quite as relaxing as planned, but I'll take it! I spent most of the weekend looking after my little one. Max had another episode on Friday that warranted another scary trip to the vet. More meds and a new diet later, he seems to be doing better. He has been sick on and off for the last month, which means I'm 200% more obsessed with him which explains all of his appearances as of late on the blog. You'll have to excuse me... :)

With all of that, there's always things to be thankful for. Tulips are in season, which means there's a new bunch on my nightstand every week, I found that cute blazer on sale at Zara for $29 bucks during a brief shopping trip on Saturday and the weather was beautiful the whole weekend. The little things...

Have a great Monday my friends...

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  1. Love to your poorly kitty, I know mine means the world to me!

  2. Lovely. Your weekends are dreamy.

  3. Love the pictures. Your weekend was evidently a lovely one.

  4. Sounds like my weekend ...... although, I took a nap too!!! I never do that. I too bought something/s at Zara, bought some tulips (white ones) and had some mussels on Sat night. Gosh I love that pic of Max's paws ...... I do hope he is okay.

  5. Oh so sorry to hear that your little kitten is sick :(
    Your new zara jacket looks amazing, love it!

  6. Poor little kitty. I had red/orange tulips in our Family Room this week, too. I love tulips. The jacket is gorgeous. I wish we had a Zara close by..... Have a great week.


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