Ellen's Santa Monica Escape...

When I was younger, we would travel to my grandparent's farm for long weekends in the summer and for Thanksgiving. It was in the middle of nowhere, there were only two working channels on the TV, there was no service on my cell phone and it was STIFLING in the summers. I loved seeing my grandparents and loved eating my grandmother's good country cooking, but I wasn't a fan of the still life. But now that I am older with a crazy busy job, bills, and never-ending to do lists, I appreciate still life oh so much more. 

When I saw these photos of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's California ranch, I thought, "Now that is the perfect still life." The 26-acre ranch is complete with eight different cabins, an art barn and a gorgeous stable. They are all decorated with antique and industrial furnishings (including the stables), which brings so much warmth and character to the crisp, white spaces. They worked with L.A. decorator Jay Holman and designer Cliff Fong to give these old spaces a new life. I'd say they did a darn good job.

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  1. Seriously so gorgeous! I love Ellen's relaxed yet sophisticated style, I love her other house too ;)

  2. I could definitely unwind in one of those rooms! Very calming and peaceful.

  3. These are gorgeous....I am ready to go to a farm now! :)


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