Hi there!! I hope you had a great weekend! Well, I must say that I DID! There were several highlights, but one of the best was my time during my first visit to Scott's Antique Market. It comes to Atlanta once a month and now I don't think I will let too many future months go by without going. 

I went with these fantastic ladies (l-r), This was my first time meeting Paula and Donna. Paula is one of the sweetest, most genuine people I have ever met. She has a peaceful spirit that I just love. Donna had no idea we were all there and she literally cried when she saw us. Then we all cried. I can't think of a better meeting. If you have read Sherry's blog, then you have laughed a few 100 times. She knows Scott's from top to bottom and is just one of the kindest and funniest people I know. Marianne and I have been besties since last year. She is incredibly talented, incredibly giving and HILARIOUS! She can make you laugh about anything. 

So back to Scott's... Paying a grand total of just $5 at the door gives you access to two VERY large buildings full of amazing antiques. It was so fun to actually see things in person I have seen in design mags, on blog posts, Pinterest, etc all in one place. Let me show you a few of my favorite finds. Bear with me as it was incredibly hard to narrow down the number of photos! So much good stuff!

Vintage prints. Guess how much they were?? $10 each!! $10!!! There were tables and tables full of them...

Some of the booths were beautifully styled. This one was one of my favorites. I desperately wanted to take that green vase home with me, but the price wasn't right...

Nailheads will be a love of mine for ever and ever. I died over this chair...

I died over this painting, too. I loved the colors and the frame and the price ($125).  It was actually a replica of the original photo, which was nearby. Gorgeous...

You know I love Federal convex mirrors! This one was in plane view right when I entered the building and I gasped. It was gorgeous and a sign to me that it was going to be a good day. This one wasn't an antique, but quite a sight nonetheless. I could see that sunburst mirror nestled in a gallery wall. Pretty...

My first time seeing a triptic in person. Stunning...

I'm not sure when I will tire of linen headbords with nailheads. Probably never.

Speaking of linen, those linen slipcovered chairs were INCREDIBLY classy and comfortable. I could envision them being everywhere from around a farm style dining table to a comfy sitting room with the ottoman. Love.

This was the ONE bar cart I saw. I loved it, but my heart would only sing if it was bathed in a can of antique gold spray paint... 

Stacks, stacks and more stacks of throw pillows... A fun sight to see.

Loved these. This company specializes in framing photos with reclaimed wood. They frame any type of photo. That photo of the mom and her son was a blown up iPhone photo. Loved the idea...

So you see??!! So fun! That wasn't even half of what I saw, so you know it was good!

If you've never been to Scott's and plan to go, here are a few tips:

 - Make a list of things you are looking for BEFORE you arrive. There is so much to see that you will get sidetracked if you don't have goals.

 - Arrive early - like when the doors open at 9AM. You avoid crowds and have have access to the good stuff first.

 - Dealers will take your cash or your check, so bring one or both. They have ATM machines, but the max you can withdraw on one card is $400. They are not fans of credit cards.

- Dress comfortably. The buildings are huge and every square inch of it is full of stuff to see. You won't make it far if you are uncomfortable.

- The food is good, so if you are there all day (like we were), lunch is available.

 - Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. The price on the tag is just a starting point.

 - They do offer shipping, but be sure to arrange for shipping at the front desk before you start shopping.

- Let me know if you ever want to visit!

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  1. Great recap of Scott's. I attend monthly and always walk away in awe of the great pieces I see. I hope to see you there next month.

  2. Wow, love everything! Those vintage prints are amazing! And the headboards so dreamy! And I thought exactly the same about that bar cart ;)

  3. I am determined to get there one day, I follow Sherry's exploits there and cannot believe how much is seems endless! Those prints for $10 WOW, what a bargain! You all look like you were having a great time and Tiffany you look amazing, I can really see the weight loss!

  4. I've been wanting to go for ages, but I'm so intimidated by the concept. Maybe a blogger/blog-reader outing? ;)

  5. Omg-- amazing place!!!! There's an antique market in Seattle that I think is supposed to be similar that I've been meaning to go to for ages... think this post might have finally convinced me to get there.

  6. DYING over the linen chair and sassy ottoman! I wouldn't have been able to walk away without them!

  7. LOVE your recap Tiffany!!!! Truly had the best weekend with you and cannot wait to see you again soon! xoxo

  8. Tiffany! I can hardly believe it. And I had no idea you were going to be at Scott's. I can't tell you what a thrill it was for me to meet you. You are as lovely in person as you are on your blog.

    Terrific piece on Scott's. I just wish I lived closer. Oh, heck, to see you gals, I will travel much farther.

    Love to you, Tiffany, donna

  9. Love Scotts but haven't been in ages!!! I would love to go with you one day. :)

  10. Uh-mazing!!!!!! So much fun ....... next time I'll take a flight to join you guys!!!!

  11. Great tips, and you look stunning in that first photo!


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