Have you ever been to London? I've never been, but I put it on my bucket list about three years ago. Still not there yet... When I think of London, I think of what it would be like to stroll the streets, take in the museums, eat delicious food with the locals, and be surrounded by lots of people who have English accents. I could listen to a person with an English accent talk for hours. 

This amazing home in Wimbledon, London brought all of those thoughts to the forefront. I love this home because it has the perfect mix of modern, traditional, and country elements. I love the antiques, the little pops of color, the lighting (LOVE the lighting) and that green velvet comfortable chair in that bedroom. I could read it in for a few hours at a minimum. The piece of storage under that sink in the bathroom that hides the plumbing - genius. And that shower - dreamy. And the fact that this beauty reminded me to meet my goal of traveling to London - thankful. 

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  1. I'm in London right now! Or to be more accurate, I'm in Oxford... but I've been making day trips, and it's just as dreamy as I ever imagined!

  2. What a lovely home! Adore that rustic dining table.

  3. Yes yes yes. I am ready! Lol. Such an amazing home!

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