{A glimpse at my weekend: A House of Cards binge session via my Roku (remote on my iPhone), obsessing over Uma Thurman's country home in the new issue of Porter magazine, the new issue of Domino (love), and recipe planning for the blog via this amazing cookbook... }

Happy Monday!! I hope you had a good weekend. As planned, my weekend was very laid back. I spent most of Saturday watching House of Cards for the first time. I totally understand the hype now. I'm hooked and I LOVE Robin Wright's style on the show. So classic. I had dinner and drinks with one of my best friends at Art Smith's (Oprah's former personal chef) restaurant. It's called Southern Art and I highly recommend it! My friend and I laughed about tons of things while we ate some of the most glamorous soul food we've ever had. I ended the weekend with the Oscars. Lupita Nyong'o, Kate Blanchett and Charlize Theron's gowns were breathtaking. And I thought Ellen was perfection. So funny and my vote for the annual Oscar host... 

{A new outdoor rug from Target ($39 in stores, but similar one online here) that is the first thing I step on when I leave home and come home. The green makes me happy. }

{Some sort of ruffled tulip I found this weekend that instantly made me smile when I saw them. Anyone know what kind of tulip that is??}

Images by me
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  1. I need to start watching House of Cards - I've only ever heard good things!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Love the new rug! I need to pick up a couple. And, I am loving all the ruffled tulips I am seeing.

  3. I told ya you'd like it!! :) Ellen was great, just as expected!

  4. I am so addicted to House of Cards!!!!! I agree, Robyn Wright's look is awesome!!!! Gosh your Converse shoes are so much cleaner than mine. Heading to Target today to look for that fabulous rug. Have a great week Tiffany!

  5. Those look like Parrot Tulips :)

  6. I think I need to watch House of Cards! Everyone says it's awesome! Love those tulips too!


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