So here is the current scene as I write this post: It's Thursday night (last night), I'm in bed- and ready for bed, a glass of crisp white wine is nestled on my nightstand, and the rain is hitting my bedroom window. It's creating the most beautiful and comforting sound. After a week of dealing with a crazy workload, a broken A/C, and just feeling a little overwhelmed with life, I am so completely thankful for this quiet moment. I am also thankful that the only two things on my calendar this weekend are my first Pilates class in almost two months (Lord help me) and dinner with a good friend where I will partake in more good wine. That.Is.It. Other than that, I plan to ring in the month of August by chilling in my pj's with my hair pulled back in a scrunchie. Yep - a scrunchie. I have no shame. I hope your weekend is just as wonderful... :)

I'm currently reading this book, which is making me appreciate everything I already have even more...

Mary- Kate & Ashley Olsen designed this wedding dress. I surprisingly adore it.

A feature wall that was done entirely by hand. The girl is crazy talented I tell ya...

You could have an amazing closet like this for a mere $34 million...

How to properly layer ingredients in a blender. This so works!

A lovely haven in the Hamptons...

Chocolate chip cookie shots... Oh my.

Thirty really good things to know...

A look I'm loving for fall...

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  1. Great links! I love that Hamptons home! So fun and different!

  2. So many awesome links!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful links. Relax this weekend!!

  4. Ohh thanks for including me in your awesome list of links! :)

  5. Oh Tiffany I love you. Can we be friends?! I love your Thursday night and your plans!


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