So it's Thursday night (last night) and I'm perched in the middle of my bed in preparation for two hours of fall premiers on TV. Scandal & How To Get Away With Murder are on tonight's agenda. So excited! Indulging in TV coupled with early bedtimes is what I have been doing every night this week which is a little out of character for me on weeknights, but being lazy and giving my brain a complete break from its normal activity is just what I have been in the mood for lately. I'm loving The Voice - a show I have NEVER watched before. The judges are hilarious and have great chemistry together. I also caught up on Married At First Sight. When I watched the first show, I couldn't imagine myself doing what those couples did. By the last show, I was considering it... So good. Have you seen it?? Would you do it? Anyway, the plan for the next two days is to work a little, work out a little, and carry on with this relaxation... I hope you have a great weekend!

I had these for my Sunday dinner last week. Then I had them again on Monday & Tuesday. Easy and delish!

I LOVE Ellen because she makes me laugh when I really need a good laugh. This made me laugh...

must read if you are a blogger or if you are thinking about becoming a blogger. So real...

I love a good article or blog post about almighty introverts (like me)...

The girl has great style. Her home proves it.

Cute flats for fall that won't flatten your budget...

And the cutest $149 bar cart...

42 healthy & packable lunches for work...

What a beautiful surprise...

Image via Vogue Russia

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  1. I must be hungry because that grilled veggie burrito recipe had my mouth watering! That may be my Saturday lunch :)

  2. Lauren's home is amazing!!!! I hope you're doing well Tiffany :-)

  3. That commercial with Matt was so funny! Ellen is a trip!!

  4. I just watched Emily wedding video! How beautiful!

  5. I love your blog! Such great things on here. It's my new weekly pleasure!! Looking forward to going through the archives!!!

  6. The burritos look amazing! And I watched Ellen's video and I laughed sooooo much!

  7. Wow that NYTimes blogging piece! Sad yet interesting. Good job on this blog and scale back if you need (I know you know that).

  8. How To Get Away With Murder is my new Fall show. Criminal Minds will always be my favorite Fall show of all. Those flats do look promising for Fall and I will look at the article on blogging in the NY Times. I hope you had a great weekend. :-)


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