{One can't go wrong with this red, simple, classic, structured fit & flare. Love it. It comes in navy, too... }

I only have a few holiday gatherings penciled in this year - most of which are going to be casual. However, that hasn't stopped me from admiring this holiday attire, which all happens to be all in one place - Anthropologie. Is it me or have they really stepped up their holiday attire this year?? I feel like every time I log into Pinterest, I see a few of their dresses that others have pinned. I recently took a look around their holiday attire page to see what was going on, and I loved what I saw! Here are a few of my faves that I think would be perfect for the holidays or for any fun party during the year for that matter...

{Sheath dresses are my second favorite to fit & flares. They can be sexy without being too much. I adore this one...} 

{I'd wear this gold sequined dress to a lovely New Year's Eve dinner in a heartbeat...} 

{ I have yet to find a jumper that fits me properly, but I am DYING to try this one on! Perfection.}

{I think this tank with a good pair of dressy black pants- or cropped pants - a jacket, and a great pair of heels would be fabulous...}

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  1. I know I should make a nice general comment about the entire post and not just focus on one thing...BUT THAT CLUTCH UP THERE?! On the model is the gorgeous red fit & flare...I.AM.FLOORED. Must have now!

  2. Anthropologie has knocked it out of the park this time! All SO beautiful!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

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