{My new summer bag... It practically goes with everything and holds all of my random stuff. Love it.}

Is it Monday already?? Gosh I need an extra day, but on with the week! How was your weekend? I had the best pizza here with a good friend and got all of my errands done on Friday and Saturday so that I could have the WHOLE day on Sunday to just hang out and do whatever without a schedule. I love days like that. One of the things I did was empty out the card on my camera and organize the photos. Here are a few of my favorites along with a few photos I took over the weekend. These are honestly my favorite posts to do (food posts are a close second). They remind me of all of the simple moments of life that are so good - yet go by so fast. I like that they are frozen right here so I can go back and look at them anytime - and just feel grateful. Have a wonderful week friends... 

{A kitesurfer on the beach in Florida. I'd never seen anyone do that in person before and it was quite fascinating to watch...}

{Tempura Grouper Cheeks - yep the cheeks of a grouper - that I ate in Florida that I'm STILL thinking about. They were insanely delicious, tender, and fresh... }

{An updated photo of my little basil garden! It's coming right along! I love the feeling of just going right outside and cutting a little basil for my salad, eggs, or pizza... I'm definitely doing this again next year!}

{Yesterday I tested a recipe I made up a recipe using this freshly grilled corn that turned out SO GOOD!!! I will certainly be sharing it with you soon...}

{An amazing 6AM beach sunrise photo taken by my brother...  I'm definitely framing this.}
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  1. What a beautiful weekend - that last image is amazing!! Definitely frame worthy!

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