I thought I would start the week off with something light, bright, and relaxing - because it might just make your return to the real world from a long holiday weekend a bit nicer. I grew up in the south, so I have a real love for homes with a porch. My idea of a pretty porch is one that is neutral (obviously), has eye-catching outdoor seating that is made out of weather-friendly yet really comfortable materials, one that really compliments the home itself and the environment around it, and is a true extension of the inside of the home. This porch designed by Heather Garrett is and has all of that. The mix of seating - the slipcovered furniture, the hammock with the perfect throw pillow, the swing chairs, and the swing - they all just scream relaxation. And did you see that piece of furniture that houses the grill?? It fits in so much better than a large stainless still grill ever would. Relaxation, entertaining, pondering life - all of that is possible here and I just love it. :)

Images by John Bessler via Domaine Home
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  1. Linda, uma casa dos sonhos.
    Tenha um bom dia.

  2. So pretty! My mom always used to say that every home deserves a front porch. I'm inclined to agree :)

  3. A porch does make a home IMO. So many modern home leave porches out sometimes and I do not know why. Dream porch would be a wrap around. :)

  4. This chic porch is so approachable, comfortable and beautiful. Thank you for calling my attention to the grill; that piece of furniture is so handsome that I wasn't thinking 'grill' at all! xo Leslie

  5. Wow i want to be beamed in one of those photos!


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