So I am so happy to say that I have read more books this year than I have in the past few years combined! I'm quite excited about that accomplishment! That has all been in part to actually having more time to reading and making more time to read. My Kindle lives in my purse now instead of on my nightstand. So instead of tinkering with my phone, I read during lunch, when I'm waiting for an appointment, and at night before bed. If I'm too tired to read (because there is such a thing), I've resorted to something entertaining and sometimes educational on Netflix - because prime time TV in the summer can be horrific. Here are a few of my favorites as of late...

1. Dear Carolina by Kristy Woodson Harvey: Design Chic just happens to be one of my favorite design blogs and the blogger behind that blog is now one of my favorite authors. The most enjoyable books (and TV shows for that matter) for me are those that involve relationship and family issues - and the ultimate resolution of the issues. It's a treat if the resolution proves a good moral. This book has all of that. The simple moral of this story is that things happen when and how they are supposed to happen - and they happen all in God's perfect timing. Khaki, an interior designer and mother of one is dying to have another baby, but her endometriosis is making it difficult. Jodi, Khaki's husband's cousin, is a recovering alcoholic who ends up pregnant, alone, and broke. Jodi's new baby girl ultimately brings these two mothers together in such an emotional and beautiful way. Once the baby is born, they both take on new lives that neither one of them ever imagined that they would have. It's just a beautifully written piece of Southern fiction that has easily become one of my favorite books...

2. The Good Neighbor by A.J. Banner: The cool thing about owning a Kindle and being an Amazon Prime member is that you get to download one free book a month. And the choices they give you are always interesting! This book was my free download for August and it's gonna be a good one! In this psychological thriller, Sarah moves to a beautiful town in Washington state and settles in comfortably with her new husband. Tragedy strikes soon after the move and she begins to question everything - her marriage, her friends, and her neighbors. Apparently it begs the question, "Just who can you trust?"

3. Lawyer for the Dog by Lee Robinson: I found this book via Bookbub (a site that I LOVE). Sally is one of Charleston S.C.'s most esteemed attorneys who seems to have her life sort of figured out. Then her ex-husband, a judge, appoints her to be the attorney for Sherman, a miniature schnauzer involved in one of his divorce cases. She deals with the dog, her mother who has Alzheimers, her crazy ex-husband, and her new attraction to the dog's vet, all at once- which begins to make her question everything she ever thought about marriage and love - and pets. If you are a pet-lover like me, then this might be a good one...

4. Dessert for Two by Christina Lane: You know I had to throw a cookbook in here! Sometimes after lunch or dinner on the weekends, I just want a little something sweet. But I don't quite have the knowledge of how to correctly break down a recipe so that it makes enough for just me or me and one other person. Ya know? This cookbook does just that. Christina turns really good desserts like Mississippi Mud Bars, a Banana Split Cheesecake, and Oatmeal Cream Pies into desserts that are just enough for two people. Love that...

5. Chef's Table: If you have an appreciation- a real appreciation- for good food, then you need to watch this Netflix series. The series highlights six chefs of award-winning restaurants who have made and continue to make ultimate sacrifices to pursue their passion for food and cooking. I knew that being a chef was hard work, but the amazing cinematography in this documentary shows you how hard it really is. But it also shows you that hard work pays off and that hard work can be enjoyable when you are working on your passion. This documentary will leave you with a bigger appreciation for the art of food - and a little hungry to say the least... :)

6. Bloodline: As I mentioned, I love a good family drama. This Netfix show is just that - a whole lot of good suspenseful family drama. The show revolves around Danny, the oldest son and black sheep of a prominent family in the Florida Keys. Danny has caused nothing but trouble his whole life and his family has always helped him out only for him to disappoint them once again. But he's finally ready to turn things around and come home to help run the family business. But once he comes home, he exposes the family's dark past - and it ain't pretty - but it's really good to watch.

What are you reading and/or watching these days?

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  1. Always love a good recommendation.

  2. Oh my goodness! Thank you SO much for including Dear Carolina. I'm so excited!! I'll have to check out these other reads and watches as well. Have a great night! xo Kristy

  3. Books: The Holy Bible and Charlotte's Web ( i like to re-read my favorite children's book from time to time. I miss that little girl sometimes)
    Netflix: watching What Happened Miss Simone all about Nina Simone it's...powerful beautifully done, Cedar Cove and Dancing on the Edge :)

    1. Love Charlotte's Web! I'll have to check out those Netfix shows!

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