You guys... I know it's not normal for me to post a photo of some chick in her bra and underwear here on the blog, but I promise I'm doing this for a good reason. And I'm not doing it because someone paid me to do it. I'm doing this because right now I am wearing the bra you see there and I have no desire to take it off... That's a HUGE deal for me and I wanted to tell you about it.

I hate bras. Hate I said. Sometimes at the end of the day, I take it off first before I even take off my shoes. But I wasn't blessed enough to go out without wearing one, so I'm always looking for the perfect, most comfortable bra. If I'm lucky enough, it might even look remotely attractive. Well I've found one that is all three of those things!! It's the Natori 'Feathers' bra. I recently read about it on Victoria's blog, and ordered it in what I thought was the 1000th ditch effort at finding the "perfect" bra. I got it a few days ago, tried it on, and was amazed. It was light, attractive (right??), smooth, fit perfectly everywhere in my regular size, the lace isn't itchy, and it didn't create any back rolls  (you know - the back rolls that only appear when you have a bra on - ugh). I then wore it around the house (at the end of the day) because I thought that wearing it an hour or two would make me want to rip it off - like how I feel with all of the other bras I own. But I didn't think to take it off. So I'm writing to tell you about it because I know I'm not the only one who hates bras and gets super excited when a good bra comes along.

And guess what?

It's on sale (through August 7th). For a really decent price. Right here. In lots of different colors.

Go grab yourself a few.

And oh... I ordered some Natori underwear, too. I don't feel the same way about underwear that I do bras... ha. But they are now the most comfortable underwear I own. And they are on sale, too!

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  1. Wearing it right now. Love it! Also love the hidden glamour underwire -- which literally feels like wearing nothing! -- also on sale.

  2. This is exciting. I too hate bras. I will check this out now. My twin girls need freedom and comfort lol 😂

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