I make to-do lists on a weekly, and sometimes on a daily basis. Grocery lists, blog idea lists, random wish lists, weekend to-do lists... They just keep me sane. But I've never made a fun to-do list for a particular season. I thought I would change that and do a quick, fun to-do list for this fall- my favorite season of all time. Some of these things are already planned and some are not. Either way, I'm excited to have a little plan of action... 

  • Visit San Francisco for the first time - My dad, brother, and I are headed to San Francisco soon and I could not be more excited!! A trip to San Fran has been on my vision board for about five years and it's finally happening... BTW, make yourself a vision board peeps. I swear they work!
  • Eat tomatoes - I LOVE tomatoes, but learned in March that my body is slightly sensitive to them. I  eat soup constantly during the fall and winter - and soups just aren't the same without tomatoes! I hope to be able to add them back into my diet pending good results from my next blood test! Fingers crossed!
  • Bake! I haven't had sugar (with the exception of fruit) or baked anything since March. Lord help me! I'm honestly pretty used to it by now, but I'd love to have a warm, sweet treat or two this season. There are actually tons of baked sweets out there that fall within my diet, so trying a few recipes out is on my list. I'd love to start with this apple tart and these brownies... 
  • Adopt a family for Christmas - This year our family has decided to adopt a young family for Christmas as opposed to having a big celebration of our own. The selection process and planning will start this month! I miss being excited about Santa, but am so looking forward to actually being Santa for a special family in need. Shopping will be so much more fun this year!
  • Visit the new African-American museum in Washington, D.C. - This just opened and I'm so excited! I hope to take a little weekend trip up there to visit it before the end of the year!
  • Read, read, and read some more - There is nothing like curling up on the couch in the fall with a blanket and a good book. I'm honestly still working through my summer reading list. The only reason I haven't gotten through it is because I keep getting sidetracked with other books! I'm currently reading this book and it's a good one! My favorite book of the summer was this probably this one. My fall reading list will be here on the blog next week, so check back!
  • Attend my college football game - I'm not much of a sports person, but when it comes to my college football team, I'm always ALL IN! I watch every single game. I graduated from the University of Alabama, so seeing the #1 team in the nation play in person is always a treat. I actually have tickets to a game in November, so I am super excited!
  • Spend one whole day lounging in bed - That may sound boring, but just writing that gave me a little peace... My weekends and days off lately have been packed with errands, cleaning, workouts, events, appointments, and cooking, so having one day with zero responsibility would be heaven! I'd spend it in my favorite pjs under the warm covers in bed - a bed that is equipped with a stack of fresh magazines, Netflix, a loaded DVR, my Kindle, and piping hot tea on the nightstand. I'd only take breaks for meals, the bathroom, and a bath. Heaven!
What are you up to this fall???

Image by Julia Gartland for Camille Styles

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  1. What a great list, Tiffany! Need to start working on mine! Happy Tuesday ~

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