I'm In Love...

Love is certainly in the air- for Anthropologie that is. I'm loving their new collection of wedding gowns. The BHLDN collection debuted on the ever so appropriate day- February 14th. The dresses are absolutely beautiful, whimsical and stylish, which is exactly what I want the atmosphere of my wedding to be like. The older I get, the simpler I want my wedding to be. As a young girl, I would flip through the 400 page bridal magazines dreaming of a wedding with no less than 200 guests, at least 10 bridesmaids and me walking down the isle in a big poofy dress. Now, I want my wedding to be an elegant and stylish affair with just me, Mr. Right and my close friends and family. The poofy dress is no longer desired or necessary. Maybe not even a veil. Therefore, I could see myself wearing just about any of these.

I would even consider wearing a short dress- well maybe to the rehearsal dinner or to the reception...

This one is especially unique and gorgeous. Very old Hollywood...

The prices of the gowns range from $600 - $4,000. Love that, too.

What do you think?
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  1. These gowns are very beautiful and all young ladies, old ones as well, dream about their wedding day and Mr. Right! That said, I think (everyone should keep in mind that) the marriage is more important than the wedding!

  2. Gorgeous images!! I'm excited to share these with some of my newly engaged friends! :)

  3. now let's talk about this Mr. Right! What's on that list? lol....I imagine you would look fabulous in a plastic bag...

  4. Anthropologie always seem to have their finger just exactly right on the pulse button!

    And this collection is no exception. Stunning, feminine and oh so very romantic. Who needs to wait for a wedding to wear them?

    You have a lovely blog btw ~ I have just been checking out your chocolate souffle idea ~ sounds perfect as a mid week treat. Good idea not to just save these yummo things up for the weekend.

    Greetings from a designer across the globe in Melbourne, Australia.

  5. Love the whole concept behind BHLDN! The dresses are gorgeous and those headpieces are amazing.

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