Faux House Hunting

One of my favorite things to do on a beautiful fall Sunday to do is to go faux house hunting. My parents and I used to go for long drives after church on Sundays to look at homes. We had the perfect house, but always enjoyed looking at others. I remember sitting in the back seat of the car saying, "I want that house!" every two or so houses we saw.

Yesterday was beautiful here and a perfect day to do some faux house hunting. I had to work yesterday, so I did some late night house hunting on Pinterest. Here are some homes that I found and love...

I'm from the south, so any home with a big porch has my heart...

That house just looks warm to me. I love the clean lines and the cozy colors...

This is my home in the Hamptons. It just doesn't know it yet...

I think I would consider buying this house without seeing the whole thing. Isn't just that part gorgeous? Loving the double front doors...

I could pin on and on, but I gotta get my rest so that I can work to be able to afford a house like any of those one day! I hope you have a great Monday!

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  1. Beautiful. My dad and I used to do that too. Every Sunday we would drive through the neighborhoods looking at houses, or spend a couple hours walking through open houses. It was so fun, and such a special time to spend with him.

  2. these are gorgeous! love house hunting more when is just for fun I have learned.

  3. I love the last house. I am also in thinking of buying that. And we are on the same track, i also love strolling on some places here in my country to check on new houses. And it gives me fun.

  4. Faux house hunting is fun. It could even be more fun than the actual house hunting, as you don’t get to deal with deadlines and the paperwork. Haha! But seriously, faux house hunting will give you an idea on what kind of house you’ll actually buy, once you decide to go ahead and look for one.

    Naomi Walters @ Chicora

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