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Happy Friday my friends... How was your week? I hope it was a good one! This week, I was craving fall like CRAZY! It's been so hot and sticky here for what seems like years, so I'm ready for falling temps that bring on falling leaves and fall fashion! That whole ensemble she is wearing just gets me extra excited for my favorite season of the year...

So I think I have some great links for you this week. I have been feeling a bit sluggish about blogging lately and blogland must have heard my thoughts. There were so many great posts this week on the subject of blogging that helped a girl out! Here are a few of my faves + some other fun things I found...

Thoughts on the business of blogging. I enjoyed reading the comments just as much as I enjoyed the post.

Blogging as a career is like hitting a gold mine these days. But this girl does it and I loved her story on how she hit the gold mine...

Great tips like these and these always make things a little clearer when it comes to blogging.

If I were a guest in this guest bedroom, I would never leave. Like, ever.

The closest app to Photoshop in my opinion. The photo editing options are amazing...

Why am I just now finding this fashion blog?? The girl has great style...

And in case you missed it, a great drink for the weekend!

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  1. Just read a little of the one on the subject of blogging and bookmarked it, I can see it will be an interesting and worthtwhile read...and I agree sometimes you learn as much from the comments as you do the post!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  2. I am right there with you on wanting fall to hurry up and get here!

  3. Love love love that picture. Off to check out your links. Have a fabulous weekend, Tiffany!!!

  4. WOW, love a great round up of like minded links! Can't wait to dive in!
    Thanks and happy weekend!

  5. One, love that image and can't wait for fall. Two, I also discovered Song of Style not too long ago, amazing!
    Three, I've been using Snapseed since I got my iPad basically, is awesome!

  6. Fall is my absolute favorite season - the colors, the leaves, the cider, the red wine, the wardrobe - oh my I could go on and on. But it's been a really humid summer in PA too, so I'm READY. Bring it. I was in a rut with blogging and I got a little mojo back but I still take breaks from time to time. I think it's good to rest and unplug.

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