The Perfect Reminder + Links

I thought that was the perfect photo to end this week of all things fall. I love it. It's relaxing and reminds me of the perfect fall day. It also makes me want to rip out my credit card to purchase one of those Hermes blankets...

So what are you up to this holiday weekend? I have a few things planned, one of which is meeting with my contractor to get a bid on doing a face lift in my kitchen. It's past time to bid farewell to my oak cabinets in favor of something more amazing and much brighter. I'm so excited and am hoping for a good number. Fingers crossed! I will actually see you back here on Tuesday, but here are some good links to browse until then!

Doing something like this would save me at least 10 minutes of jewelry hunting in the morning...

If you are living with your parents, wondering when you will ever get married or if you are a dog lover, click here. Dog lovers, prepare to laugh.

I must remember this the next time I argue with my future significant other. So sweet...

The pictures on this food blog are mesmerizing...

This dress is mesmerizing, too.

I died when I saw these wedding photos. So beautiful and so classic...

An incredibly informative post on when and how to start blog sponsorships.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Pooh have fun with the kitchen planning!!! How exciting. I love those adarondak chairs and those blankets.... There are no words. Off to look at your links, have a great looooong weekend.

  2. Good luck with the kitchen planning! Have a fabulous weekend.

  3. Thanks, Tiffany, for the link love!

  4. Well I am excited for you to start planning your new kitchen! This photo has me dreaming of re-doing our backyard with this set up;)

    Thanks for sharing the link, so happy it was helpful to you! Enjoy the long weekend! x

  5. I could stare at those wedding pics for days! Amazing, and all on film and natural light. Wow. Hope your enjoying your Labor Day!


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