HomeGoods Happy!!

I heart HomeGoods. A lot. I always have and always will. But lately, I have REALLY loved HomeGoods- so much so that I must share some of my recent finds...

That would be a photo of my bed I took before my Sunday nap last week. You know how I love my naps! The duvet and the pillow shams came from HomeGoods a while back, but I found these sheets only a few weeks ago...

I about fainted when I saw these -  in the CLEARANCE section! Kate Spade in HomeGoods?? No way! I inspected them like crazy and found nothing wrong with them. They feel amazing, too... 

That would be my guest bedroom that I have been trying to decorate for oh.... only about 2 or 3 years. Yeah just 2 or 3 years. But I'm happy to report that I'm almost done- well sort of almost done. The duvet, pillow shams and quilt are from HomeGoods. I purchased the gold pharmacy lamp a few months ago (which I saw in the store last week). I thought it was perfect until I found these...

I quietly screamed, if that makes sense, when I saw those helmet lamps. Don't they look extremely similar to this $870 Ralph Lauren helmet lamp??

Crazy similar right?? Well each of those lamps at HomeGoods were $49.99! So I scooped both of them up. One of them kicked that pharmacy lamp to the curb, well to the dresser in the room to be exact. I have yet to find a home for the other helmet lamp, but I'll find one! 

Do you shop at HomeGoods (HomeSense in Canada)?? If so, have you found any good deals lately? Do share!

**This is not a sponsored post. I'm simply sharing a few things I found at a store that I love!**

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  1. This is fabulous Tiffany. Love your bed AND guest room.....when you do well there, you can REALLY do well there. Enjoy all your new finds!

  2. The sheets! So lucky! And the lamps are stunning, looove them!

  3. After you posted those sheets on Instagram. I hopped in my car and drove to the nearest Home Goods. I didn't find sheets but I did find a great cookbook and a pie pan on clearance. I love Home Goods.

  4. love your great finds--perfect match to the pricey RL ones! wish we had a home goods close by the city here- I would be stalking the store constantly!

  5. So pretty! We actually found five of our tough-finds to complete our living room from Home Goods, and love to go there on the regular. (We are also having a challenge decorating our guest room; it's sad status right now, but we do have a nice quilt! Haha.) Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. Awesome finds, Tiff! The helmet lamps are amazing.

    I absolutely LOVE Home Goods. Everytime I leave that store I want to cry because I find so much there that I want to purchase, but have to limit myself. I easily spend a couple hours in there just deciding on what to put back. Lol! :)

  7. I want one in Shreveport. Have been in one in Indianapolis, and my DIL has found some great finds. Need one here!

  8. I love love love HomeGoods! I can afford it! Ha! Great finds!

  9. Oh my goodness, I want to run out to HomeSense right now and see if I find any Kate Moss sheets. Fabulous finds!!!!

  10. Those lamps are fabulous!!! I love Homegoods...maybe I'll swing by tomorrow :)

  11. no, yet another store Milwaukee doesn't have but we do have Marshalls & TJMaxx (sister stores)

  12. I love white beddings, it gives this fresh, crisp and fluffy fealing of a good hotel bed.

    And now I really want those pillowcases :(


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