What Day Is It??

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I love office-y stuff, cute office-y stuff that is, so I always look forward to finding a cute little calendar for my office at the beginning of each year. I look at a calendar every day, so for me it has to be stylish, funny, motivating or remind me of something I love. These are a few of my faves for 2013...

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  1. All so cute! I just bought one yesterday, loving number 9 so sweet on the little easel!

  2. I'm officially obsessed with Sugar Paper

  3. I still need to have something that I can write in. So many people use their phones or lap tops for keeping track of appointments. Great ideas here and I will check out each link.

  4. Such cute selections! I'm still on the hunt for my 2013 calendar ...

  5. Haven't calendars come a long way? Love these.


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