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I hope your year is off to a wonderful start my friends... Well, I had all of these plans to start the year off with my "Word Of The Year" post, but I'm having a hard time piecing my thoughts together. I am still sort of in holiday nesting mode (watching movies and Bravo, napping, organizing, cooking, etc) and it's difficult to think too hard about anything serious at the moment. You know what I mean? I'll get it together as soon as my life returns to normal, which will be next week.

However, while I've been nesting, I have found lots of inspiration for the blog, for my home, well dream home to be honest, and for my closet. Well, dream closet to be honest... :)

I was totally inspired by... 

The perfect combination of those walls, the lighting and the little touches of black... 

That quaint little storage space and the flooring...

That fantastic looking Frank Clegg duffle bag. And her. HOW is it that she looks cute in EVERYTHING?? Totally not fair...

Those floors. Well actually, the whole space. Crisp, clean, simple, lovely.

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  1. all these! And I agree, she looks so freaking cute with anything on!

  2. Those walls in that living room---I love it! And I am so with you on that duffle bag.

  3. Beautiful Tiffany and love the Frank Clegg duffle bag! I'm with you.. still in holiday/nesting mode. It's 26 degrees outside, my company is leaving today, and my house needs a good cleaning and to be organized.

    Enjoy the first week of 2013 .. savor the moment.

  4. Thanks for the inspiration today Tiffany! I love love love that bag and the kitchen nook will be getting pinned in my "kitchen love" section. Happy New Year !!!!

  5. I love that storage space and the banquette.

  6. Loving that bathroom storage space! Happy New Year!!

  7. Happy New Year! Always love starting out the new year with calm and pretty spaces!

  8. So, so lovely! I'm inspired, too! Happy New Year my friend!

  9. Love every one of these photos. You always find some of the best ones to post!
    Happy New Year!


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