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Happy Monday my friends... I hope these last two days were good to you. I worked most of the day on Saturday, went to brunch on Sunday, got in bed afterwards and pretty much stayed there the rest of the day napping and finding inspiration by reading magazines and net surfing - all while watching a Golden Girls marathon. I heart the Golden Girls... All of that means my camera never came out of it's bag. So I am substituting these gorgeous, clean, crisp images for my personal images today. I hope that's ok... :) 

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  1. That mud room pic is a new favorite of mine, love the transom window above the built-in!

  2. Perfectly ok by me ;) Love the idea of a full Sunday in bed. On my to do list!

  3. Love the photos and what a fabulous way to spend a Sunday....also on my list of things to do :-)

    Leeann x

  4. That first image is lovely; would adore a little set up like that in my house!
    And your weekend sounded very nice indeed =)
    Ashleigh xxoo

  5. I spent most of Sunday relaxing also. That first photo would make a great reading spot !!

  6. Love these images! Hope you found all the inspiration your needed! XOXO

  7. This is an absolutely stunning home. Matter of fact, I will be pinning some of these pics to my ideas album because there are a lot of ideas here that I absolutely LOVE.

  8. I liked your article and I hope you will have many entries or more picbear


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