Kitchen Envy...

The lovely Annemarie of Brunch At Saks introduced me to the most wonderful architect, Tim Barber yesterday. She posted one of his home renovations and I instantly went to his website to see more. Just when I think all white kitchens are starting to look alike, I run across another one that stuns me. I love the high ceilings and the industrial lighting here that offsets the clean lines of the cabinets. A swing door, complete with a peep hole has now been added to my kitchen wish list. I love the touch of professionalism that those doors add to this space. As a person who is starting to collect more than her fair share of food styling props, I'd die for all of that storage space, too... 

So lovely...

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  1. I adore that floor! Adds a bit of interest somewhere you wouldn't expect it.
    Ashleigh xxoo

  2. SERIOUS KITCHEN ENVY!!!!! The angles, the floor the light, the cupboards, the marble ....... oh my.

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