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Hi there!! It's Friday! YAY! Sorry I'm a bit excited right now and I can't contain myself. Right now (as I'm writing this post), it's late Thursday night (last night) and I just met one of my FAVORITE bloggers. I just met Deb Perelman, author of Smitten Kitchen. She did a Q&A and book signing here in Atlanta last night. She is so humble and so sweet and still so amazed at how she got where she is today. Meeting her was the perfect start to my weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, it's jam packed! I'll be working a bit, working on my new blog design and I'm helping a sweet friend with her housewarming party. I'm also hoping to make this really good recipe that I found earlier this week. Chocolate is involved, so you know I'm excited. Oh and yes, I need a nap. :)

Here are some links for you to enjoy for the weekend! See ya next week.

Thank you SO much for your comments on yesterday's post. So helpful! I think I've made my decision. I'll share it with you as soon as I get it.

I'm always inspired by her work...

Café du Monde in your kitchen... These look SO good...

I need to do one of these ASAP...

I just discovered this blog and I LOVE it!

I've never met her before, but I've prayed for her all week...

A great round-up on photography tips for bloggers!

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  1. Love all your links, I'm in love with WOM too, Mandy is the sweetest! So sad about that girl's lost, I just can't imagine.
    Thanks for the photography round-up link, I have around 7 posts bookmarked to read over the weekend, so I'm adding this one too ;)
    Hope you have a great one, can't wait to hear what bag you decided on!!!

  2. I love Smitten Kitchen! I wish I would have known she was doing a book signing, I would have gone.

  3. So fun about Smitten Kitchen! And I follow Waiting on Martha on instagram! Love her style!

  4. Oh my-- so many links to check out. Cafe Du Monde was my fave place in New Orleans!! That image is blowing my mind. Stunning!! Loving the mix of the white and dark cabinets. So sad for Lauren-- praying constantly. Can't imagine.

  5. Thanks again for the invite last night! I thumbed through my cookbook a lot today and can't wait to get started on some of those recipes. I think lemon bars are first up :) Hope you have a good weekend! xoxo

  6. Thanks for featuring my link Tiffany! Excited to check out the rest of these now. Happy weekend!

  7. Always enjoy your weekly links.....sounds like a lot of good things happening over there, enjoy the fun and have a wonderful weekend Tiffany!

  8. OMG those beams and that room is amazing!!!! Ahhh your weekend sounds so much fun ...... make sure to eat lots of that chocolate!!!!!

  9. I love the Smitten Kitchen book. It must have been great to meet her. I will check out the blogs that you suggested and I hope that you have had a great weekend.


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