an old-fashioned exit from the plane I took to the beach a few weeks ago. So nostalgic. I kind of miss those days. Do you??

a big bunch of daisies at a nursery my mom and I shopped at during Mother's Day weekend. "Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower??" I love that movie... 

an early Saturday morning walk on the beach where the absence of people, the sound of the waves and the sun highlighting those tire marks and footprints made the walk even more relaxing...

making major progress on my little powder room. The builder-grade faucet and sheet mirror have been replaced with a new faucet and pivot mirror. Working full-time doing a job that has absolutely nothing to do with decorating makes having time to do things like this so exciting!! 

What little things have made you happy lately??

Images via my iPhone & Instagram

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  1. The flowers are so so pretty and cheerful and I love how the bathroom is coming together!
    PS: That's how we used to get off and on the plane in The Island ;)

  2. Nice change in the powder room! Inexpensive, easy change with a huge impact!

  3. Yes I do think daisies are the friendliest flower....as for the plane entry I feel Like I have been getting a lot of those lately!!

  4. Love love love your bathroom! That mirror is perfect for the space. And that walk on the beach looks so incredible. I need one of those! :)

  5. Your powder room!!! SO cute :) I've never made an old fashioned exit from a plane...I really want to, though!

  6. I so wish I lived back in the day where it was glamourous to dress up and fly. I wish I could've tagged along with you on that trip as it looks like such a dream. Love love love your bathroom!!!!


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