Tulips, Sharpies, Hermés & Links...

How fun is that image?? Of course I love tulips, coffee table books and dream of having a Hermés bracelet one day. But I have always had this weird fascination with Sharpies, so this image from Erica Domesek's office immediately caught my eye. I have them in every color in my office and I can't even promise you that I've used them all. Please tell me that I'm not alone...

So how will you be spending the first weekend of June?? I can't believe that June is already here! Anyway, this weekend I've got everything from Pilates to finishing up my powder room to relaxing to getting ready my house ready for the arrival of one of my besties next week. Fun stuff! I hope you have a great weekend and here are some links for you!

For someone who can never seem to keep her handbag organized, this was a huge help!

Heaven in a waffle cone...

A few fun ways to dress your tech...

I couldn't agree with this more...

workspace I wouldn't mind working in...

I wouldn't mind working in this one, either..

Before leaving the house for your summer vacation, you might want to follow these great tips...

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  1. Always enjoy your links....and funny I love sharpies too though I might have 2 or 3 not an entire lucite box full but how cool! Love the idea just not sure what I would do with all of them:)
    Happy weekend to you Tiff.

  2. Thanks for sharing these awesome links!

  3. Great links! I'm dying over Emily's office, so so pretty. Have a great weekend!

  4. Sharpies are the best! I too have an entire collection...just like looking at them.

  5. Ummmm, I love this!! And look at those Sharpie colors! I always have them handy to write my boys' names on their stuff for school. I'm probably the only mom writing my kids' names in gold sharpie. :) Thank you again for the love on my office! Makes me so happy! :)

  6. Fun links Tiffany! Thanks for sharing! Those waffle cones look delicious!

  7. so yay! love Sharpies tho ;)

    Jane@Plateau Natura

  8. The content was really very interesting.


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