Hi friends... I hope you had a great weekend. So I want to start this post off by being honest- honest with myself specifically. Last night, I was in the middle of writing the post I had planned for today and my heart was just not in it. I really love blogging, so that feeling is rare for me. So I took a step back and realized why. I need a little time...

I've been working longer hours over the last few weeks. I've been ending my 10-12 hour workdays that are mostly spent in front of the computer by spending time on my computer editing blog posts. I'm used to that and don't mind it most days because blogging is often my way of relaxing after a long day. But this week, I think I want to relax in a different way. I want to take time to make a good dinner that takes longer than 10 minutes to make. I want to finish a book that I have been trying to finish for the past month. I want to reduce the stack of magazines that have taken residence in my bed by actually reading them instead of flipping through them just to look at the pictures. I want to watch a movie this week after work. I subscribed to Netflix just to watch House of Cards. I sadly watched the last episode over the weekend and I will scream if they don't hurry up and film the next season!! I'm quite sure Netflix has more to offer, so I want to check it out on say... a Tuesday night instead of Friday night. You know what I mean??

So relaxing weeknights and a little more downtime are on this week's to do list. My mind and my body are telling me I need it and I'm going to listen up. So I will see you here next week with a refreshed mind and hopefully a renewed spirit! Have a great week!


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  1. Daniel and I are in the middle of watching House of Cards too. Isn't it so good? Enjoy your time off! It's amazing what a little time can do for you.

  2. thinking of you...april 15th is right around the corner. or is it?? hang in there. love, donna

  3. Ohh it's your busy time period! Hang in there! Netflix is awesome, check Orange is the new Black, and there's a season 2 of House of cards, did you watch both of them already? I just started with The Good Wife and love it so far ;)

  4. Relaxation and letting go is key! A good friend and colleague of mine once gave me an article about the "superwoman" myth. Do you know who that smart was woman?! It was you! Stop trying to do it all to your own personal detriment. My vote is for a funny movie after work tonight!

  5. Definitely understand your sentiments. And I am obsessed with House of Cards! We're still in the middle of season one. Loving it!

  6. Good for you for recognizing the need to take some time off. Enjoy it!!

  7. I love it! Take care of yourself Tiffany, I'll look forward to when you're back. Enjoy

  8. Good for you! Taking time off helps us to balance our lives. Good for you for recognizing it was time to adjust the balance.

  9. Hi Tiffany, I've just ordered the box set of House of Cards, can't wait. I love your blog. Take care and have fun.

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