Spring is almost here and I am THRILLED!!! This winter has gotten the best of me, my skin and my attitude, so I am looking forward to warmer temps! While I am excited, I will say that this time of year brings about a challenge for me in the fashion department. I have to put together what I call "transition" outfits." I have to do that on days when it's too cold to be dangerous and wear shorts and flip flops and too warm to wear a hat and boots. So I have to put something together that keeps me warm and cold at the same time AND is somewhat cute. I don't know about you, but that is hard for me sometimes! 

Anyway, here is an example of what a weekend go-to transition outfit looks like for me. I typically pair a light-weight sweater with some jeans and sandals. This particular sweater is light and goes off the shoulder if I need a little air. It can be pulled up on the shoulder in case I get cold. The coated jeans I'm wearing are light-weight as well. Since it is often too warm during these times to wear a coat, I like to carry a bag big enough to hold an oversized scarf in case of an emergency. Sandals that aren't too revealing are just right... And if I'm not in the mood to bust out the spring colors (like I was here), then I just wear red lips to make up for it... :)

Sweater: Zara (old) | Coated Jeans: Madewell (similar here) | Sandals: Zara (old) | Bag: Gucci | Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabanna | Lips: "Burnt Red" by Bobbi Brown


Images by Paula Coldiron
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  1. great combo! you pull off sweater and sandals so well!

    1. I appreciate it! It's my go to outfit at this time of the year!

  2. Fabulous pictures. You look amazing!!

  3. Gosh don't you look divine! I have a sweater similar to that but mine's all ratty from wearing it to walk the dog ..... it's the warmest sweater I own. If I put my sweater on with my black pants similar to yours with heels, it might improve the dog walking situation. ;-)

  4. Gorgeous got so skinny! I am totally inspired:)


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