Hi there! I hope you enjoyed these last few days. I certainly did... I strained a muscle or something in my back, which placed me in bed most of the weekend. While I didn't enjoy the pain, I certainly enjoyed down time in bed watching the rest of House of Cards, reading and working a little. I swear House of Cards is one of the best shows I've ever seen... Anyway, they say things happen for a reason and if hurting my back was a sign that I needed rest - well I was cool with that. But a girl still needs to eat, so I did make it to the farmers market with my camera in tow. The weather was perfect and being there reminded me so much of spring. I can't wait for it! My back gave me a little time to venture out of the market to photograph some railroad tracks (one of my favorite things to photograph - not sure why) and just enjoy my time outside. It's back to the grind today. But thanks to a restful weekend, I am well prepared... :)

Oh and those are this week's tulips next to my clock that I had to reset yesterday. Waking up to that color made it a little easier to accept the hour of sleep I lost... :)

Images by me

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  1. Beautiful pics! I just finished House of Cards season 2!!!!

  2. Fresh flowers always help~
    Wonderful images
    House of Cards.... hands down, the best!!!

  3. #1- You are addicted to House of Cards! But it's SOOOOO good! #2- I demand my hour of sleep back! #3- Those train tracks make me want to take a trip. Maybe that's why you love photographing them. Because it reminds you of the importance of taking journeys in life. Literally and metaphorically.

  4. Tiffany your pictures are beautiful! They are inspiring me to take my camera out and about more often (which I always mean to do but never seem to...) Sorry to hear you were in pain over the weekend, but I know exactly what you mean about it sometimes being a good thing when we're forced to rest ;)
    Ashleigh xxoo


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