Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Do you ever wish that someone would make an official declaration that the weekend be four days instead of two? I wish that all the time, especially when I have a really busy weekend and no downtime. This past weekend was one of those weekends. Work has been really busy for me lately, so that means that my weekends have to be very organized and prioritized! My "weekend to-do lists" help me stay on track. I make the list on Friday and pray that everything is checked off by Sunday night. I can honestly say that I was able to check off everything with the exception of one thing. Here was my "weekend to-do list":

1. Assemble this bookcase together that I purchased from Target.

I purchased two of these bookcases for my loft. Click here if this is your first time hearing about the loft.  The bookcases were a steal at $69.99 each (unfortunately the price went up this weekend to $72.99) and they fit perfect into my plan for the space. For the record, I HATE putting furniture together. It intimidates me. But after an hour and a half and several conversations with God about WHY I didn't have help, I can proudly say that I got it together and I love it! The second one will have to be on next week's to-do list. An update on the loft is also on next week's to-do list, so stay tuned.

2. Pilates

No, that is not me, but my goal is to get there! I'm addicted to Pilates and it's on my to-do list every weekend. It's a total stress reliever for me. It does wonders for body alignment and posture. I sit at a desk all day, so slumping can become second nature. It also tones the body, so hopefully I will be good and ready for my sundresses!

3. Babysit a set of 3-year twins and a 6-year old.

I babysat these three adorable children on Saturday night. The last time I kept them, the twins were already asleep when I got arrived, so it was just me and the 6-year old. This time, everyone was awake and alive when I got there! My time with the kids actually turned out to be the best part of my weekend. They were complete dolls. After I gave the girls a manicure, we all sat together in front of the TV and they introduced me to Phineas and Ferb. Their explanations of the characters were hilarious! After the cartoon was over, THEY told me it was time for bed. How amazing is that? I will MOST CERTAINLY be taking some notes from their parents when I have kids! 

After they went to bed, I spent some time with their gorgeous 20+lb cat, Bailey. He is the same breed (Ragdoll) as my cat Maxwell and is just as sweet, too.


4. Laundry

After four loads of laundry- whites, darks, floor mats, and delicates-  all I have to say about laundry is that I wish they made machines that would wash and dry all of that at the same time. And having a laundry room like this one would make doing laundry a heck of a lot more enjoyable. I love the chandy...

5. Cook Dinner for the Week

Not liking to cook after work often makes makes it easy to succumb to fast food. But I work and feel better when I eat healthy,  so I try to make a good healthy meal on Sunday's for the following week. Yesterday, I made Paula Deen's Turkey Sausage, White Bean, and Swiss Chard soup, which was perfect because it only had a few ingredients... 

Publix didn't have any swiss chard, so I used collard greens- a Southern staple. I saved some time by buying them pre-washed and pre-shredded. I also added some Rotel tomatoes and the soup turned out really good!

6. Take a Nap

The one thing I didn't get to do this weekend was nap. I have been taking naps each Sunday for the past two weeks. Taking them just makes for a much better Monday. But in order to get this post done and discover some new blogs, I had to forgo my Sunday nap. But it was well worth it because I discovered a great blog,  Pink Postcard. Denise recently did a great post on blogging and how she felt as a new blogger. The lack of time can make blogging very difficult and the lack of followers can make it discouraging. She felt the same way I often feel and it's nice to know that I am not alone. Her thoughts were very inspiring and her advice was extremely helpful- well worth a missed nap.


7. The Oscars...

I finished this post and a few hours of work just in time to for the Red Carpet! Who was your pick for best-dressed? My pick was Mila Kunis in this lovely Elie Saab creation. I loved the color and the fact that it wasn't nude or red like every other dress on the carpet. I think I could dedicate an entire post to my worst-dressed picks, though...

I apologize for the novel, but like I said, I had a busy weekend! Even though it was busy, I got a lot done and I am grateful for it. I am sure that there are others out there that did 100 times more than I did.

I hope you had a great weekend!
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  1. You go girl! I absolutely, love your posts!

  2. Just love Mila's Elie Saab dress!!! :)

    Great list of things...I am with you...if only the weekends were 4 days long! *Siiiigh!*

  3. :) thanks for the mention! You are so sweet!
    I haven't watched the Oscar's yet, but I taped the before show and can't wait to sit down with it tonight! Have a great week!


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