Center of Attention In the Kitchen

What's in the center of your kitchen? An island? Nothing? Or maybe a table? My kitchen is functionable, but small, so I don't have anything in the center of my kitchen. But I have dreams. My previous dream kitchen had a big island in the middle, with a small sink and enough spaces to fit at least 4 chairs- the number of people I want in my "dream family." But now I am really loving kitchens with dining tables in the middle. My family would literally be eating in the kitchen as opposed to the side of the kitchen or behind the kitchen. There is something very warm about that. Here is what I mean...

My only hesitatation about having a dining table in the middle of the kitchen is the potential lack of workspace. I would have to clear the table of food prep items before dinner and clear it again after dinner. What are your thoughts? Do any of you have a dining table in the middle of your kitchen?

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  1. This brings to mind the "eat-in kitchen" my mom had when I was growing up. Although very warm and family oriented, it definitely wasn't as fabulous as the kitchens above! My mom had a huge stove, a large-farm sink, minimal counter space and a huge table right in the middle of the kitchen!

  2. Love this look! A good friend of mine has a table in the middle and it's very multi-functional!

  3. I hope to get to do this one day!

  4. Couldn't agree more! I think it makes for the perfect kitchen layout. So welcoming. Sort of a classic farmhouse kitchen style.

    Although, not many spaces are large enough for it to be practical. In terms of benchspace, if you have oodles of benchspace on the surrounding walls then not being able to use the table isn't really a problem.

  5. wish my kitchen was large enough for a center table; I think that is the one thing I would like to change about my house...

    I see you are a CPA. So is my husband. Are you in public accounting? If so, I bet you are going 24/7 right now, just like he is....


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