An Update and A Giveaway

Gotta love Maxine...

Well, April 18th (the 2011 tax deadline) is a month and a few days away, which means I will be spending the next month and a few days buried in tax returns. Unfortunately, that leaves little time for blogging, but I will try my best to post when time allows.

Also, I just wanted to thank my friends, family, and the new bloggers I have met for supporting me and my blog. I have received so many great comments on and off the blog. You have all been such an inspiration and your support is sincerely appreciated!

In the meantime, please head over to one of my favorite blogs, A Perfect Gray. Donna is a fabulous blogger with great style. She is hosting her very first giveaway, which are these adorable and high-end rubber boots by Danish designer Ilse Jacobsen.

Here is how they look with an outfit. Super cute.

Paula of Two Ellie
They are handmade in Europe and retail for $179.00- so sign up!!

Your last chance to sign up is Monday, March 14th at midnight!

See you soon!
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  1. tiffany, it looks great - thanks so much! love Maxine and her tax refund!


  2. Love your blogs! You are always "up-beat" with an inspiring, positive attitude! Keep up the good work! OOOXXX

  3. hey...i to am glad you found my blog..because i have found yours and will follow now. i appreciate your commenting, and love your blog!


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