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I hope all of you are enjoying the rest of your weekend!

Well I finally did it. I'm on Twitter! Well, my blog is. You might be thinking, "That girl is just now getting on Twitter??" Yep, this girl is just now getting on Twitter. Well, I created my account months ago and our relationship did not get off to a good start. I just found it to be so confusing! I now confess that I didn't give it a chance. I gave it another try a few weeks ago and I am officially HOOKED! It still took some time to figure out what the @ signs, # signs and the FF's meant, but I think I am hip to the game now! Giada de Laurentiis responded to one of my tweets last night, so how could I not be hooked??

So please, click here if you would like to...


   I hope to see you there!

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  1. That is really nice to hear. thank you for the update and good luck Welspun


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