Maxed Out

One of my favorite pieces for summer is the ever-so-comfortable and versatile maxi dress. If you are in a rush to get out the door, all you have to do is throw it on, pick out some cute-yet simple accessories, slip on some cute wedges or sandels and head out the door. There is no matching of a top with a bottom. Love that. They even work for a dressy event like a wedding or a fancy dinner. Here are some of my summer picks...


Karina Grimaldi

Haute Hippie

Tory Burch
These are a little pricey, but a girl can dream right? Do you have a favorite??

 I'll take one of each... :)

P.S. Thanks for your sweet comments yesterday. I didn't expect to do a post so soon, but blogging just makes me feel better...
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  1. If it's possible to be addicted to maxi dresses, then I'm a junkie! I have over 10 of them. They are simply amazing and adorable! Not all maxi dresses are created equally, and the ones you have featured....I want them ALL!!! Thanks for making a junkie need another dose of maxi! :-)

  2. The maxi dresses you shared in your blog are beautiful! My favorites: The pink and the creme w/ the brown sash! Thanks you!

  3. I am loving all of these...the first and third one especially! :)

  4. Love them all! Too hard to choose.

    I'm so sorry about your friend, Tiffany.


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