Feelin' The Love: Jose Villa Photography

As I mentioned earlier this week, I've sort of developed this little "thing" for photography. I even signed up for a photography class which started yesterday- which I LOVED. I'm even excited about the homework we have... That would be a first!

Speaking of photography, my photographer friend Dana recently introduced me to the gorgeous work of Jose Villa. We were at dinner when she told me about him and I immediately looked him up on my iPhone. And wow... 

The photos below are the engagement pictures of actress Tamera Mowry. A good photographer, to me, is one who can make the viewer of the photo feel the same emotions of the people in the photo.

 I'm feelin' the love here...

Pretty right??

Are you feelin' the love??

Visit Jose's blog and website to see more of his beautiful work!
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  1. So sweet! They are definitely a beautful couple :)

  2. So gorgeous! I adore these photos! I aim to be as great of a photog as Jose! ;) Thanks so much for the mention love!!! xo

  3. I love these pics!!! She look so pretty! And he isn't bad himself;)

  4. Wow what incredible photos!


  5. Lovely pictures, it looks so true and full of love. Indeed a good photographer, I am also curious to see more pictures made by you as you like to photograph!
    xoxo Chantal

  6. Oh.. I love photography. I always mention this on my blog also. It's so interesting.
    I hope you have lots of fun while learning photography. Good for you!

    Have a beautiful day! :-)


    Luciane at

  7. These photos are breathtaking, thank you for sharing! Good luck with your photography course. I would love to take one. I hope we see some of your work on here.

  8. I'm feeling the love! Such beautiful photos!!

  9. Yes, these photos are absolutely gorgeous! "I am feeling the love!"

    Good luck with your photography class. I know your work will be great!

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