The Osbourne's Rockin' New L.A. Home

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend!

Well I admit, I LOVE Sharon Osbourne. You never know exactly will come out of her mouth, but you can trust that it's real and it's honest. That's why I like her. I love British accent, too. I can now add her home to the list of things I love about her. Her new home in Hidden Hills, CA was recently featured in Architectural Digest. It's MUCH different than her last home that was decorated in dark, rich tones. L.A. designer Martyn-Lawrence Bullard designed this cozy, bright and beautiful home that is just mouth-wateringly gorgeous...

I'm wishing I could visit her for a spot of tea and a fun conversation... like... today...
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  1. I agree very beautiful home! It has a touch a glam to it and that's my favorite decor style! :)

  2. I saw that issue of AD featuring Sharon Osborne's home.... I agree, the decor is gorgeous! I love her style!

  3. Every room is the color palette!!

  4. This is so settle and fresh! I would never have guessed the home of a frock star! Very beautiful! I will always appreciate any room with purple! Very lovely!

  5. Oh I love her home! Yes I was expecting it to be a lot darker but it was surprisingly light and fresh. Thanks for sharing. xo anastasia

  6. I love how rich and famous people collect houses and change their decor in each home. Even though I can't afford to do, I can live through them. Sharon's home is beautiful as always.


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