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So... I love visiting NYC, but I can honestly say that I couldn't live there. However, if I ever felt the need (and had the money) to get an apartment in the city to stay in during my visits, this is what I would want it to look like...

This is the apartment of Vogue staffer, Devon Radziwell. I love everything about it, especially the exposed brick. It adds so much warmth and character to the space. I could just see myself hosting a huge dinner at that gorgeous table for some good friends, then sitting on the comfy couches while drinking champagne and laughing the night away. And you know how much I adore white bedrooms! That bedroom is so simple, yet elegant and classic. Love.

Images via Vogue
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  1. The exposed brick is my favorite too! And, I love the open concept. And, who doesn't love a room full of books?!

  2. OOO la la! Love the zebra rug and coffee table! Such a fun and eclectic space!

  3. If I lived in NYC my place would look like this too! I really would not mind a nice big apartment in Buckhead that looks like this.

  4. Oh, it's fabulous! I love everything about it, especially the big windows with all the natural light pouring in. Wouldn't change a thing!

  5. Thats pretty great looking. My brother had an incredible loft until last year when he moved to Chicago for a big promotion and every Thanksgiving we would go there and have the best time. This will be the first year we aren't going to NYC for our usual get togehter, this year they are all coming to us and I am already in a panic!

  6. Need a roomie? I love everything about this space. I could so live there!

  7. I am going to have to agree with you. I have been to NYC so many times over the last few months. If I had a choice not to, I wouldn't choose to live there (but if I had the money and it was for work...well).

    Exposed brick. Enough said.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting


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