Holiday Highlights: Christmas Day

Hi there! Are you still enjoying your week? I wanted to share the last of my Christmas photos with you. I was walking around my house like a mad woman with a camera trying to capture images of the special day.

Starting with breakfast. I made cinnamon rolls for my brother. I wish I could say they are homemade, but they are straight out of the can (Grands) and they are GOOD. I also made this banana bread minus the chocolate chips...

While breakfast was baking, my brother and I organized all of the gifts by person. We put them by each person's spot, which have been the same spots for years.

My 20-something year old brother still loves legos and my dad is retired from NASA. We bought my dad a new shuttle for his home office... 

My brother and his lovely girlfriend spent the afternoon putting it together. He is lucky to have a girlfriend who also doesn't mind legos... :)

I got a few cookbooks- Barefoot in Paris and Nigella Christmas! I read them like books. Is that crazy?

My mom's cat, Miles Davis. Empty boxes were his Christmas present. He loves them.

Aren't these wine holders cute? Mom got them from the Dollar Tree...

We wanted to mix things up a little this year, so we had gumbo for Christmas dinner instead of the traditional turkey dinner. We aren't from Louisiana, but I swear my mom makes the best gumbo! 

My brother requested a southern-style pound cake for Christmas, so I made my very first one. I was scared. If you are from the south, you might know that these cakes are staples and can be made 100 different ways. Everyone thinks their cake is better than everyone else's.  I have now joined that club. I got a little help from Paula Deen and the cake is now all gone! It might be the best one...  

My dad loved it and so did my brother, so in my book its the best one. :)

That was our day! Can you tell there was a lot of eating going on??

I'm back home today to continue with real life. Let the cleaning, organizing, and planning begin! Oh and maybe healthier eating, too...

How were your holidays and what are you up to?

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  1. Your Christmas looks like it was so much fun---and so much yummy food! Congrats on the poundcake! It looks amazing. We are back to "real life" also--today is cleaning, unpacking and organizing day. Tomorrow work.

  2. Looks like a wonderful time! I also spent a good chunk of the day with Legos. Love those Dollar Tree wine cozies! Who knew? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks like you had a fun and delicious Christmas! And no, you're not the only one...just this morning I was telling someone I love cookbooks that read like coffee table books. I was going on about Jamie Oliver but I adore Nigella & Barefoot Contessa too!

  4. Wow I can see Christmas was mighty good over there!! LOVE gumbo, the great cookbooks, those wine covers are too cute.....and you are so funny about walking around the house, wanting to catch everything on film, I was at a beautiful party a few weeks ago and so wanted to catch everything on film then too! I know the feeling, you just want to share it with everyone!

  5. Looks like a great Christmas! That gumbo looks delicious. And what is it about cats and boxes? My cats growing up were the exact same way!

  6. Ohhhh....that Barefoot book has got to be good. Love her!

  7. Oh you got some great books! I love "reading" cook books, I read them like magazines!
    And wow, your dad worked at NASA? that must have been very interesting!

  8. Your holiday looks wonderful, Tiffany. Ours was so good, but really quick. It seems like I had just gotten into it this year when it was over.

    My parents and my brother's family will be here this weekend, though, so I get to extend the holiday a bit.

    Look forward to seeing you soon!

    Happy new year!

  9. Xmas was awesome at the Scales' house! I had so much fun :)


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