Holiday Highlights via Instagram

Hi guys! I hope you had a good Christmas and are enjoying your family and some good downtime! I just changed into my second pair of pj's today, so life is fabulous here...

Here are some highlights of the last few days...

My brother introduced me to this fabulous vintage shop in my hometown. I bought the gold clutch for dirt cheap. Love it. 

My grandmother is in her late-eighties and can still make the BEST ham. We had it for our Christmas Eve dinner. After dinner, I made my very first southern-style pound cake. We had it for dessert on Christmas day. There is none left, so I assume my family liked it! I am certainly going to share the recipe with you later. 

Christmas Day was incredibly fabulous. We did our Christmas morning ritual, which I will share with you in my Christmas Day post coming up later this week. Santa was so gracious. I received several cookbooks, a matured savings bond and Photoshop Elements! My brother (who is in his late 20's) got legos (more on that later). We both spent Christmas morning playing with our "toys" - just like the old days...

I'm off to spend more precious time with my family. See ya later this week!

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  1. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy your time with your family!!

  2. Looks like a wonderful Christmas Tiffany and your gold clutch is gorgeous!

  3. Merry Christmas Tiffany! I'm impressed that your Grandma cooks her own ham. We usually depend on Honeybaked Ham for ours :)

  4. What a beautiful Christmas!!! Let me know when you get your card in the mail =) Happy Tuesday!

  5. YAY for photoshop!! Love your vintage find! ;)

  6. Ooh, yay for photoshop! Also, I kind of love that you received a savings bond. That is so something my family would've given me back in the day. Have a wonderful rest of the week with the fam!

  7. Looks like you had a great Christmas! Cute clutch! I love browsing vintage/thrift shops.


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