Weekend In Six

Hi there!! How was your weekend?? My weekend was not as relaxing as last weekend. Work is crazy and I spent almost an entire day shopping for something. Here's the story along with some random things and thoughts...

1. I think I am still recovering from a whole day of shopping for the perfect black dress. I have an event to go to this week and needed something simple and classic. WHY is it that when I need a simple black dress, I can't find THE ONE?? Does that happen to you? I spent hours looking. I ended up buying four dresses and returned two. I'm very indecisive sometimes.

I found the PERFECT wrap dress and clutch for the event at Banana Republic. That pic is not the actual dress I bought, but very similar. My dress is a little more sleek looking- it is a little longer and has long sleeves. It literally fits like a glove. I'll be pairing it with that BR clutch, a fab pair of black heels that I already have (thank God) and that simple necklace that I found at Target. I bought it a while back and wear it all the time! Oh and I got 30% off the BR dress and clutch... Score.

Then I found the CUTEST shift dress at H&M. It was $17.95 people! And it is fabulously made. It will be perfect with flats, heels, dressed up or dressed down. I'll definitely be wearing it to BlogFest...

2. Speaking of BlogFest, who's going?? Let me know!! I want to meet you!

3. I treated myself to a CamiCakes lemon cupcake after I found the perfect dress for the event. It was heaven in a cupcake wrapper. I so needed it...

4. I am still learning Photoshop Elements. I did that graphic above using Photoshop and I needed another cupcake after I finished it... Learning it (for me) is like learning a foreign language. Does anyone else feel the same way?

5. So about the Oscars. I did exactly as I said I would do. I made this meal and was on the couch in time for the red carpet. My three faves were Gwyneth, Maria and Michelle. Gwyneth is just stunning. I'm not 100% sold on the cape, but the overall look is very modern, clean and sleek, which I love. I love the color and flow of Maria's dress. And Michelle finally got it right- in my opinion. 

Did you have a fave last night??

6. It's Monday and I want need another cupcake... 


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  1. Great dress! A black wrap is such a classic. And, what a deal on the shift from H&M!! Okay, now I too want a cupcake, yum!

  2. I liked three or four but honestly not a single one knocked my socks off....I was overall a bit disappointed truth be told. Its just ironic to me that with all the resources that they have some of them come up with less than stellar looks!
    On to more important subjects...that lemon cupcake up there. We could so be friends...yum yum yum!

  3. I am so with you on Photoshop Elements ~ I just got it recently and am still figuring it out. I love it when I do figure out a new button or feature though! From what I can tell from your collages, you know your away around the tool. :)

    I didn't watch enough of the Oscars to comment yet, I need to go look at all the gowns and get back to you! ;)

  4. I wasn't able to watch the oscars, but holy cow these three ladies nailed it. I love all of them--but Michelle takes the cake (cupcake) on this one. Speaking of cupcake--that would be amazing with my coffee right now.

  5. I love a wrap dress! It's really the perfect silhouette. The whole ensemble sounds great!

    Gwyneth looks so statuesque in that dress! Perfection! I'm going way out on a limb, but I thought (this is crazy, I know) that Kelly Osbourne looked terrific for her.

  6. Ohhh lovely LBD!! And HM always has so many fun bargain finds. Its ridiculous!
    I must have missed Maria's dress but its amazing! The color and cut is stunning.

  7. What a fun weekend! Shopping, cupcakes, AND the Oscars. Can't beat that! I agree. When you specifically set out to find something like a simple black dress they all disappear! LOL! Sounds like the one you got was PERFECT! I really loved Gwyneths white dress too! I also thought Cameron Diaz looked beautiful! And great job with the photoshopping!

  8. Mmm that cupcake looks so yummy! I loved Michelle's so pretty!

  9. Sooo ecstatic that you're going to Blogfest! :) xo,dana

  10. Tiff keep doing the tutorials, they help a lot!
    And on an Oscar related note, I thought exactly the same about Gwyneth, I didn't see her on the red carpet, just presenting and thought she looked so stunning, then when I saw the cape I was hmmmm, so so. Still, she looked gorgeous! And I didn't see Maria, she looked beautiful, love the dress, and Michelle was one of my very top 3, flawless!

  11. I felt the EXACT same way about Photoshop -- completely like learning a new language (I'm still learning a lot!)

  12. your photoshop work looks great! i am jealous - i have it but have not learned! love your dress picks too!

  13. i really adore gwyneth's dress. nobody can pull it off the way she did.

  14. How have I never heard of CamiCakes? I need to get out more... those look amazing. Just spent ten minutes on their website... I'll take the Elvis or the Coconut please! : )

  15. mmm cupcakes! That one looks especially cute. :)


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