A Chocolate Soufflé Story

Just because Love Day has come and gone doesn't mean that I won't eat chocolate for another year. I wouldn't do that to myself. That would be absolutely insane... I eat chocolate everyday, whether its a little Dove dark chocolate candy or a handful of chocolate chips. Sometimes I treat myself to something more special, which is what I did last weekend...

One of my favorite desserts is chocolate soufflé. I love everything about them from their texture to the process of making them. I find the process sort of therapeutic... 

I started the process by chopping up this precious bar of organic semi-sweet chocolate.  I melted it down and slowly incorporated it into a mound of fluffy, sweetened egg whites and whipped pale yellow egg yolks...

And this is what I got... I got a spongy, chocolatey, light, delicious work of food art. I photographed these as soon as they came out of the oven as they tend to deflate over time. When their photo session was over, I took one soufflé ( I made two), sat at my kitchen table and had dessert. I think it was around two in the afternoon and I had eaten lunch two hours prior. That's ok right?

After I finished the first soufflé, I poured a jar of creamy milk. Then, I reached over to the second soufflé... and devoured it. Yes, I felt guilty. I ate a salad for dinner that night, which made me feel a little better...

I used this amazing and simple recipe. It calls for bittersweet chocolate, but semi-sweet is delectable as well...

Images by me

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  1. OK, I knew I liked you but now I LOVE you. Chocolate every day? You are so my kind of girl. Indulging in a second helping of the good stuff? Oh yea.....a girl after my own heart. Whats life without great food!

  2. Tiffany, this looks SO good! I swear your photography improves by the day. My husband gave me a couple of photography books and photo editing software for my birthday, and I aspire to use it and learn my camera and be able to photograph food the way you do. truly.

  3. Too bad these won't travel well to NYC! We will have to find a great place there to treat ourselves! Once again, your photos are incredible!!! Love your talent!

  4. Looks awfully good. I have never atttempted a souffle and as in your house, dont' think it would last very long here either!

  5. Oh so decadent!!! I had cupcakes for dinner last night (I'm guilty!!)

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