My Perfect Easter

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week. Like I said yesterday, I can't believe April is here and Easter is upon us. Time is moving by so fast! Easter was one of my favorite holidays when I was younger and it still is. Unfortunately, I am in the midst of my deadline at work (only a week to go- YAY!!), so there won't be much going on here this weekend except work and sleep. But I do have an idea of what my perfect Easter would be like. Wanna see?? 

 Good friends and family, tasty food, a classic setting, and a fabulous outfit- that is my idea of a fun time! And I really want to make that frittata. I found the recipe here...

Before I go, I just want to thank you for stopping by. The last few months have been stressful and busy, but your comments and e-mails give me that spark of excitement that I need to get through my day. I so appreciate you! I also want to thank all of the lovely bloggers who have filled in for me over the last few weeks. Their posts were amazing! Be sure to check them out if you haven't already. I hope all of you have a fantastic and lovely weekend. 

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  1. That menu sounds deeeelicious!! Good luck with your work deadline and enjoy the weekend :)

  2. Looks like the perfect Easter to me! Love Jo Malone perfume!! Have a great weekend!

  3. this is such a lovely Easter outfit -- love how classy it is! Have a great weekend girl!

  4. Just perfect, Tiffany, down to every single detail. I hope you have a beautiful Easter with your family. P.S. I'm meeting Giada on the 26th! She's coming to my city for her new book tour at Williams-Sonoma and I got my ticket yesterday! Will be sure to tell you all about it! xo

  5. Looks absolutely perfect to me!

  6. Stunning outfit, perfect for Easter :)

    Laura xo

  7. OK this sounds silly but I didn't even KNOW they made floral lace skirts like that! This one is too cute - love how you paired it with all of those neutrals. I need to get me one now :)


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