Silvers, Grays & Whites

How incredibly beautiful are the pops of silver and gray against the white backdrops in those images? I love the lighting on the bookcase. How creative. The swirls of gray in the marble counter in the kitchen happily bring everything together. So pretty. And that bedroom- so clean, so crisp, so relaxing.

Speaking of relaxing, it's Wednesday night (last night), 7:21PM and I'm already in bed watching re-runs of The Cosby Show. "Relax" is the #1 thing on my to-do list right now. Yep, I actually wrote the word down on a list! How sad is that? :) Anyway, I am signing off for the week so that I can do just that. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I'll see ya on Monday!

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  1. Beautiful images! Good for you, you deserve a break!! Enjoy the time off.

  2. That first image Tiff, wow! Love those lamps on the bookcase, so stunning!
    Have a nice relaxing weekend!

  3. Love the images..the palette is so beautiful and soothing. Always been drawn to those yummy colors. Enjoy your break...its well deserved!

  4. Tiffany thanks for sharing :) I love the combination of colors, have a great time relaxing. ps you can never wrong with Cliff Huxtable and the gang!

  5. Oh Tiffany, I stumbled across your blog while visiting Melissa over at Veranda Interiors ...... and I am so happy I did!! Love your posts and am a new follower. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. New follower here. Love your blog! Would love the follow back :)

    The Pretty Pinhead

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