Friday's Fancies: Blues & Stripes

Happy Friday!!! I hope you had a great week. Well, it's the first week in I don't know how many weeks that I have participated in Friday's Fancies. It feels good to be back!

So, I'm completely aware that neons and really bright colors are the trends for spring and summer. And I do have a few things that are pretty bright, but items that are basic hues have permanent places in my closet. I have always loved basic blues. Blue is just so fresh-looking! And if you saw yesterday's post, you know I am loving stripes right now. So cue - the dress. Love it. I love the shape, the pattern, the little collar - very cute.

I have paired the dress with staple items that I think every woman should have in her closet - a camel-colored bag, a chunky gold watch and flat sandals. And yes, every girl should have diamonds - even if they are faux. Right?

So what's up for the weekend? Of course, one of THE most special days of the year is on Sunday. I wish all of the hard-working, selfless, loving, caring mothers and mothers-to-be out there the most lovely Mothers Day.

And Mom, I love you.


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  1. Love this! The combination is classic and elegant. I love reading your blog. <3

  2. Such a pretty it! Have a great weekend and Mother's Day Tiffany!

  3. I just purchased those shoes last night in yellow. This post is making me reconsider my color choice ;)


  4. Gorgeous! I wish that style of sandals would look good on me, they are gorgeous! Happy weekend Tiff!

  5. You could be a stylist, Tiff.

  6. Love that watch! I can't get enough gold this season!

  7. I'm a big fan of blue and stripes too! That camel colored bag is gorgeous!

  8. I want all of these items!

  9. you look stunning!
    please add just bags blog, where you talk about your favorite bag.


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